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Delivery, Transport and Reception of Products

  • The delivery of the Products is available on the territory of Romania and abroad.
  • The Supplier provides the Customer/User with the following delivery methods of the Product(s):
    • - shipment by Curier or Carrier with prepayment,
    • - dispatch by cash on delivery – valid only for deliveries on the territory of Romania;
    • - Personal pick-up from the Supplier's delivery points.
  • The delivery cost may be offered free of charge or may be borne by the Customer, as stated at the time of order for each Product within the Platform.
  • The total waiting time regarding the delivery of the Product to the Customer / User (date of delivery) consists of the time of preparation of the Order for shipment by the Supplier and the duration of delivery of the Product by courier / personal pick-up.
  • The estimated delivery date may vary depending on the Product and/or delivery method chosen (i.e. it is in the Supplier's own stock, or in the partner supplier's stock, or is a product to order) and is communicated in the order registration email or within the Platform. If the products are the object to an import and the delivery terms change due to independent reasons to the Supplier, this will notify the Customer and cannot be held liable for any potential damage or damages suffered by the Customer.
  • If the Products have not been delivered within the indicated time limit, the Customer/ User may request the delivery within an additional time limit of 30 Working Days. If even within the additional term the Products are not delivered, the Customer/ User may request the termination of the Distance Contract.
  • If the Products are unavailable (including if the Price or some features of the Products have undergone changes, following the Supplier's confirmation of the Order, the Customer/User will be informed of the unavailability and the amounts he/she has paid will be refunded to the Customer/User within 14 calendar days from the date of such information, if the Client/User has paid them in advance. The Customer/User may confirm the changes in the price or characteristics of the Products, thus modifying the original Order, and the Supplier will deliver the Products according to the Order thus modified by the Customer/User.
  • If the Customer / User places an Order containing Products from different suppliers, from the point of view of delivery, they can be considered different packages and highlighted differently in the tax documents, or they can be centralized by the Supplier and can be delivered in a single tranche based on a single document.
  • In the case of Orders with personal pick-up, it is necessary that the person who will pick up the package to present at the pick-up point:
    • - an identity document if the person which picks up the goods is the Customer / User.
    • - An empowerment and an ID document if the person which picks up the goods is not the Customer/User.
  • The Customer/ User will be contacted by phone by the Courier / Carrier in advance to obtain confirmation of his presence at the address chosen for the delivery of the Order.
  • The Customer/User undertakes to be present at the indicated delivery address, within the time interval in which the Courier/Carrier notifies him/her that he/she is delivering the Order, otherwise he /she will bear the transport fee related to a possible new delivery. The time interval in which the Order is delivered can be changed only with the courier's consent.
  • If the Customer / User is unable to receive the Order personally, the Order will be left at the specified address only to a person older than 18 years and only in case of remuneration by the Customer to the Supplier and to the Courier / Carrier to the person empowered to take over the order, by mentioning the related Order number.
  • The Customer / User has the obligation to sign the delivery note (AWB or CMR or Delivery Note) presented by the Courier or the Carrier or the Supplier's staff, as the case may be, at the delivery of the ordered Products, to which is attached the delivery note containing all the information about the delivered Products (product name, quantity, price). Also, the Customer / User will check if the Products are damaged or if there are any shortages, and any problems will be mentioned handwritten on the delivery note, in order to be taken into account.

Methods and Terms of Payment

  • The payment of the products can be made at different terms and through different ways, depending on the Client/User's option , namely:
    • - Prior to receiving the product, at the time of placing the Order in the Platform, through the payment processors of the Supplier's Partners – card payment.
    • - After placing the order in the Platform but before the delivery of the goods, payment by bank transfer.
    • - Reimbursement, to the Courier,at the time of delivery of the goods, in cash or payment by card.
    • - Payment in installments, if applicable. This case is applicable only if it is expressly mentioned by the Supplier in the payment methods and may contain additional conditions and guarantee of payment by the Client / User.
  • The payment is considered made at the time when the Supplier's bank account was credited.