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Complaints and Returns

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  • Any complaint will be addressed to the Supplier in writing by post, courier or at the email address or through the ticketing application, available in the Client/User portal.
  • The Supplier shall respond to the Client/User's complaint request through the Customer Support Department, no later than 10 Working Days from the date of its receipt. The Supplier shall inform the Client/User about the progress of the complaint, especially about its receipt, acceptance or rejection, by email/phone or through the platform, in the Portal/Client Account area.
  • The duration of the resolution of the complaint, including the elimination of defects or replacement of the Product, may be harsh, depending on the severity of the situation, up to 60 calendar days, provided, where appropriate, the Client's assistance necessary for compliance with the respective term.
  • If the Product sold has a defect, the Customer/User has the right to request that the Product be replaced with one without any defects or the elimination of the defect, in the form of replacement or repair of the Product. If replacing the Product or eliminating its defect is impossible for the Seller, the Customer / User may request a reduction in the Product Price or, if the defect is a substantial one, may withdraw from the Distance Contract.
  • Both shortages and quantitative differences must be claimed at the time of delivery.
  • Visible defects / defects of the product must be brought to the supplier's attention within two days from the date of delivery.
  • Hidden defects / defects of the product must be claimed within a maximum of two calendar days from the date of their identification by the Client, during the warranty period.


  • The client, if he is a consumer and has purchased products that are eligible to be returned according to the law, may request the return within maximum 14 days from the date of their purchase.
  • If the Customer does not have the quality of a consumer, he is not eligible to make the return of the products. The Customer may request the return of the Products, and the Supplier may accept or refuse such a request, the decision being at his discretion .
  • In order to activate the return option of the products, the Client must notify the Supplier of its intention by the following means:
    • - Through the form available in his account within the Platform
    • - Through the model of the return form that can be made available to it by the Supplier by email or within the Platform. The form can be completed and sent electronically directly to email
  • The Customer / User has the obligation to send all the information related to the Product that is the subject of the return request, such as: the type of the product, no. the order, the quantity to be returned, the reason for the return.
  • After the Supplier has received the Client's request for return, it will analyze it and will respond to it within 5 working days, making known its decision and the related arguments.
  • If the return request is accepted by the Supplier, the cost of the transport is the responsibility of the Client.
  • For clarity, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 16 of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 34/2014 on consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals, as well as for amending and supplementing certain normative acts, the following are exempted from the right of withdrawal from the distance contract (return of Products):
    • - service contracts, after the full provision of the services, if the performance has begun with the customer's prior express consent and after he has confirmed that he has become aware that he will lose his right of withdrawal after the full performance of the contract by the Supplier.
    • - the provision of products and/or services the price of which depends on fluctuations in the financial market which the Supplier cannot control, and which may occur during the withdrawal period.
    • - providing products made to the specifications presented by the Customer or clearly customized.
    • - the supply of products that are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.
    • - the supply of sealed products which cannot be returned for health protection or hygiene reasons, and which have been unsealed by the Customer.
    • - the supply of products which are, after delivery, according to their nature, inseparably mixed with other elements;
    • - contracts in respect of which the Client has specifically requested the Supplier to go to his home in order to carry out urgent repair or maintenance work. If, on the occasion of such a visit, the Supplier provides services other than those expressly requested by the Customer or supplies products other than spare parts indispensable for the execution of maintenance or repair work, the right of withdrawal shall apply to such additional services or products.
    • - the provision of sealed audio or video recordings or sealed software that have been unsealed after delivery;
    • - the provision of newspapers, periodicals and magazines, with the exception of subscription contracts for the supply of such publications;
    • - the supply of digital content which is not delivered on a tangible medium, if the supply began with the express prior consent of the C lient and after it has confirmed that it has become aware that it will lose its right of withdrawal.